Homes for sale in Fresno, CA
Getting Started

Whether you are getting ready to buy your own home or have purchased before, the first question is how you will be paying for the home. If you are one of the lucky few, and are paying cash, then you just have to decide what your budget is, and be prepared to show proof of funds to close prior to making an offer. If you are like most of the rest of us, and you will be financing a portion of the purchase, then you will want to know what you qualify for. So, the first step is getting pre-qualified.

If you already have a lender, then you are almost there! Your lender will present many scenarios to you based on the information you provide. Then, he/she will let you know in which price range you should be looking. They will provide you with a pre-qualification letter to bring to your real estate agent.

If you are looking for a good lender, I have a few lenders who are experienced at "getting the job done". Just click on the "preferred lenders" button to the left, and click on either or both profile(s). This will take you to their website where you can use the mortgage calculator or just give them a call to get started. Having a good lender will save a LOT of heartache once you have made an offer on a home and are in escrow.

If you just want to get an idea of mortgage payment amount, how much you would qualify for, then just click on the "mortgage calculator" button to the left.

Once you have found out what you qualify for, it is time to choose an Agent/Broker. Most licensed real estate salespersons must work under a licensed Real Estate Broker. There are a lot of agents/Brokers to choose from. Click on the "finding your broker/agent" button to the left for helpful hints in choosing an agent.